Ron Ferdinand

Generating more than $48 million in sales within his first six years in the business, and since launching his firm on May 31, 2012, he’s topped $64M, Ron Ferdinand is a respected broker with a breadth of experience that spans more than a decade. With an enviable record of accomplishment of proven results, including sales of properties many deemed impossible to move, for or above the asking price within a relatively short period, Ron has fine-tuned an unwavering ability to identify niche markets and buyer trends. As of November 1, 2016, a mere four years later, Kensington Hewes Real Estate, LLC has closed just over 57 transactions, making that an average of 1 closing per month, every month, for 4 years straight.

Ron has been a real estate contributing editor for a Harlem based lifestyle publication, sat on community town hall conference meetings with HPD officials regarding HDFC co-op sales in the area and more. He has also been featured in the New York Times [twice, one being a cover article], the New York Sun, the Carib News [half page feature article on him], The Village Voice, the Real Deal and the New York Post. Between 2003 and 2009 alone, Ron has transacted over 50 sales & rentals in Harlem. He has sold multiple listings in Queens [including Hollis & Cambria Heights], Brooklyn [one townhouse record-breaking sale], the Bronx [Riverdale, Soundview, & Wakefield], the East Village [two townhouse co-ops side by side, and more], the Upper West Side [including on West End Avenue, and four in one W.90s building] and the Upper East Side. He has sold the most HDFC co-ops than some companies have with all their agents combined, but definitely more than any single broker or agent. As you can see, he is a firm believer that those who “specialize” in one area are from the 20th century. While most agents explain the usual skill sets in “broker babble”, Ron is defined by Meyers-Briggs personality typing as an ISTJ: ‘…they earn success through their thoroughness and extraordinary dependability. They are capable of shutting out distractions in order to take a practical, logical approach to their endeavors, and are able to make the tough decisions that other types avoid while often working for long periods, devoting their energy to tasks that they see as important to fulfilling a goal.’ It is embedded in his work ethic. A business disruptor before the term was coined, an avid deal maker & negotiator who employs avant-garde marketing mediums with a results-oriented approach, leave the rest to him to close the deal.

While he has represented a few celebrities, politician, business leaders and sports figures, all clients and customers receive the same, no nonsense, and unfiltered view of the terrain to which they wish to traverse in real estate, whether buying or selling. He is adept at assisting sellers who are simultaneously seeking to buy, a feat that requires supreme expectation management and delicate timing. With a heavy background in the entertainment and real estate industries, he has strategic relationships across the globe and uses them to help his exclusive buyers & sellers close deals quickly and to their great benefit. Beginning in 2017 he will launch Kensington Hewes’ property development division, moving into the role of a developer of affordable and eco-sustainable residences. It is why he created this company, to be a true evolution in lifestyle real estate. Through ups and downs he still stands. As one client stated, “You’re like the bulletproof broker. You keep getting up and succeeding.” One quote that best describes his ethos is this: “I’m not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it.” ~ Niccolo Machiavelli


Tel: 347.399.4076